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Soing d.o.o. - company residence Soing d.o.o. - company residence

Soing d.o.o. began to develop in the early seventies. We produced small quantities of simple shoes in a small room with very few tools.

However, through hard work and investment the company developed slowly but surely. In addition, we gained the respect of our customers and the market by our efficient delivery terms and business practices. In the eighties, we launched our iron shoes reinforced with aluminium and alu-frames.

The present quality of our products is a result of numerous tests, experiments, quality verifications, permanent innovations and suggestions made by our customers. Thanks to technology specially developed for working with these materials, our iron shoes are recognized worldwide for their absolutely supreme quality.

Our customers in Europe and the world are such famous manufacturers of irons and related equipment as Veit, Silverstar, Cissell, Stirotecnica, etc.

Soing d.o.o. today has more than 2.000 m2 of modern business facilities. Our experts are continuing to research and refine our products in order that we can bring the very best in new developments to you.

We are developed to firs leading manufacturer, in the moment our quality is the best on the market, in first with using ORIGINAL PTFE material and our own developed technologie wich is allways improoved.

From all this reasons we have several hunderts of completely saticfited costumers worldwide.

New product


We can to produce all shapes from your needs, please take a look in our interactive catalogue for suitable shape. If is not present in catalogue, please contact us directly, or see instructions by ''How to order''


The price of the iron shoes depends on your order quantity, annual usage, and the number of items per delivery. Please tell us your requirements, and we will offer you our best service. Dealers and retailers are given good reductions. Our products can also be delivered by post to your factory or home address and any destination worldwide in the shortest time possible.