The iron shoe is affixed to the bottom of an iron and "replaces" the original aluminum iron base.It is made of a virgin ORIGINAL PTFE material, 1,00 mm thick.

Special technology was used for adding an 0,50 thick aluminium sheet to make it stronger. The virgin PTFE material gives the base smoothness and special technology for binding the base to the aluminium enables reliable ironing.

A fine perforation enables an easy flow and equal distribution of steam over entire base. The alu-frame has been made exactly according to the design of your iron.

Silicon rubber or Nomex felt is used to adjust it perfectly to the iron, in the same time protect operator hands from stam leaking on sides

Primarily, the iron shoe protects sensitive materials from such things as unwanted shine after ironing, ugly brown spots as a result of a very hot iron and prevents little fabrics from melting to the iron bottom.

The iron is then always clean and ready for use. The iron shoe is used for ironing of all sensitive materials such as wool, cotton, silk, and particulary artificial materials - PES, PE, etc.

Generally, all those working with electrical irons with or without steam. Ironing without the iron shoe is unthinkable in the textile industry.

All factories use it on their irons to produce the best possible ironing quality. Dry cleaners, laundries, hotels, all who wish to protect their clothes and who often iron different materials also use the iron shoe.

The iron shoe is very useful at home when ironing silk blouses, wool suits, jackets, syntetic clothes and those with sensitive colours, such as curtains.You need no longer fear the possibility of an ugly shine, a change of colour due to high temperatures, or burning.

For safe and good ironing the iron shoe is essential !

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