Download and print the model of the Iron's bottom in natural size (ratio 1:1)

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Product line description: Professional line

PTFE -ALUMINUM IRON SHOES, made from original PTFE material.

It is made from 1,00 mm PTFE material. Its thickness of 1,00mm guarantee long life in use, it is BEST solution. Some other producers offer 0,70 or 0,60mm ordinary PTFE but quality is absolutely NOT COMPAIRATIVE!

We have developed own special technology for binding the PTFE and aluminum, which guarantees long life and durability of iron shoes.

A strong alu-frame gives protection from physical damage during ironing (buttons, zips, rivets, and when putting iron aside on iron rest).

For steam leaking protection, can be choosen between silicone sponge or NOMEX felt on the top of iron shoe.

On costumer request, we can make thickness of 0,80mm PTFE


Can be made on costumer request, from 1,0mm, 1,2mm, and 1,5mm thick PTFE material. All sizes are equiped with spring for fixing on iron.


Made of hihgly polished stainless steel, it is generally used for ironing linings in industry and everywhere where shine is a problem.It is practically indestructible. According to your wish, we also deliver three-ply NOMEX paper rings for distance and Inox nets for a fine steam spray.

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